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Long Grove, IL, is a suburb that prides itself on its historic charm. It is a northwest suburb of Chicago and is about 30 miles away from the city. Long Grove has strict building ordinances to help preserve its rustic atmosphere. If you have a historic or new home in Long Grove, Illinois Remodel can help you give it a few updates that allow you to keep the home’s personality and style.

Biggest Home Remodeling Updates for This Year

This year, homeowners are choosing from updates that include small projects to complete redesigns. Here are a few of the upgrades that we are seeing among Long Grove homeowners.

Updates for Sustainability

Home remodeling to improve the sustainability of the home is popular. These upgrades include sustainable materials, such as reclaimed flooring and countertops. Other trends include using materials like bamboo, cork, and making the home ready for solar panels. The focus is on giving the home an updated look in a way that gives it a natural feel.

Long Grove Home Office Addition

For the past few years, many workers found themselves working from home. Many have gone back to the office by now, but for some, working from home at least part-time is a new reality. This means that you need to have a space dedicated to productivity that reflects the way you work. Many are choosing to convert a bedroom or make an addition to their homes to accommodate their new lifestyle.

Long Grove Bathroom Remodeling for a Personal Spa

Along with the trend of spending more time at home, many are choosing to create the perfect spa in their bathroom. Soaking tubs, natural materials, and adding plenty of storage space are among the trends that are popular this year. Water-saving fixtures, marble, and even a fireplace in the corner are among the updates homeowners are selecting. Illinois Remodeling can help you design a bathroom that is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Long Grove Multifunctional Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The kitchen is the center of the home, and this is true even more so with many children needing extra space on the table to study. The modern kitchen must be an efficient place to cook meals, and it must transform into an office, entertainment area, or space for other activities. Illinois Remodel can help you transform your kitchen to do everything that you want it to do during the day.

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Illinois Remodel serves the Long Grove, 60047, and 60060 zip codes with quality remodeling services. We can help with the design so that you can achieve your home remodeling dreams. Our team is experienced, professional, and only uses quality materials. If you have a historic home in Long Grove, we will make sure the remodel meets all applicable codes and ordinances. Contact us so that one of our team can get started planning your new space.

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