Deck Lights

Deck lights make decks inviting and beautiful. If you feel like you're in the dark when it comes to enjoying your deck to its full potential, let Illinois Deck show you the possibilities for illuminating your outdoor space. We've helped countless homeowners in the Chicagoland area design custom lighting options for their decks.

Let there be light on your beautiful deck this year. Many homeowners feel like they aren't fully utilizing their decks because they don't have proper lighting for evening relaxation and entertaining. Adding built-in deck lighting can generously expand the amount of time you can spend living the good life on your deck in the Chicago area. If you're building a new deck, this is the perfect time to add the outdoor lighting you've always wanted by building lighting into the design of your new deck. Illinois Deck is the premier provider of deck lighting in the Chicagoland area.

We're proud to specialize in designing custom deck lighting for homes in Illinois because we've seen the way that smart lighting helps to enhance home value. Today's LED lighting options ensure that you can enjoy a bright, cozy experience on your deck without seeing big spikes in your energy usage. In addition to making a deck more beautiful and inviting, custom deck lighting helps to enhance safety on your property. Our custom lighting options allow you to outline your deck in illumination to ensure that people can see where they are going to prevent the risks for slips and falls. Lighting can be especially important for multi-tiered decks that have ledges and steps. At Illinois Deck, we create custom lighting designs that include:

• Rail lights.
• Step lights.
• Post lights.
• Post-cap lights.
• Floor lights.
• Security lights.
• Flood lights.
• Motion-detection lights.

Let us help you create a plan for deck lighting that accentuates your existing landscaping lighting. We can help you to source a variety of materials and colors to create the ambiance you desire. Our skilled team of deck experts can help with everything from creating a design concept to handling the electrical wiring.

Don't let your deck go dark! Illinois Deck is a Chicagoland deck contractor specializing in custom deck lighting. Our smart, seamless lighting designs turn a deck into an experience. Give us a call today to discuss the possibilities.

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