Custom Homes

Creating your custom-built dream home is about so much more than just building a home – it’s about the journey, the process. Our professional process is founded upon core beliefs in:

  • comprehensive and progressive architecture
  • unmatched quality construction
  • proven management and business principles
  • advancements in evolving technologies in building, energy efficiencies and materials
  • truly individualized customization

We have redefined the meaning of custom building. Putting your interests, your values and your desires first, we provide the ultimate experience in unique customization.

With Stoneridge Builders, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Since our inception, this philosophy has served all of our discerning clients.

We know that a well-planned home should reflect your personality and your lifestyle. That’s where collaboration comes in. We work with you to carefully script the story of your dream home – every last detail is scrutinized and strategically designed like the pages of an award-winning novel.

To schedule a consultation, please call us at (815) 444-1239